“Made my life and business better”

Mark is absolutely someone you want in your corner when running a business.

Having known him and worked with him for the last 6-7 years he’s taught me endless things about business, marketing, people and life. When he talks, it is absolutely worth listening and taking that advice onboard.

He is an incredible marketer and being a client of his just makes running a business easier. He listens to what’s going on in your life and business and always bears this in mind when giving advice and support.

If you are running a business then working with Mark will help you to focus on what’s important and keep you on the right path in all aspects of it. Working with him has ultimately made my life and business better.

James Donald, Little Kickers

“I can’t recommend Mark Creaser enough”

Mark is a fantastic guy to have involved in your business. He’s been involved in mine for nearly a decade and in that time he’s been an invaluable asset, bringing insights, creative ideas and humour to every opportunity and challenge we’ve faced.

He’s a talented marketer, able to create the strategy and get hands on with the implementation, putting his copywriting skills and marketing knowledge to turn words and emails into sales and profit.

Mark brings energy and enthusiasm to any project, and he’s an expert at finding previously untapped opportunities because he thinks differently to most. He was so passionate about our adventure travel business he joined me on a recce to Morocco a few years ago, scoping out a brand new destination for us to offer to our customers.

In short, I can’t recommend Mark Creaser enough. If you’re looking for someone who not only delivers results but also becomes a trusted advisor and friend along the way, look no further – Mark’s the real deal.

Keith Crockford, Founder, The Bucket List Company

“Mark is a total gamechanger.”

If you want top-notch marketing support and direction for your business, look no further than Mark Creaser!

Mark is a total game-changer. He’s not afraid to shake things up, always exploring fresh, innovative ways to boost leads and drive business growth. With his wealth of experience and proven track record, he knows how to get things done.

What sets Mark apart is his personal touch. He takes the time to understand you and your business inside out, delivering tailored marketing campaigns that hit the mark every time. I’ve loved working with Mark over the years, both professionally and personally, and I’m confident we’ll continue working together for years to come.

Paul Bulloch, CEO, Concept Vehicle Leasing

“A Marketing Magician”

I’ve known Mark for a decade now, he’s an outstanding marketer and business consultant and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Mark’s creativity knows no bounds. He’s a marketing magician who turns ideas into reality. Whether it’s writing compelling emails or creating innovative sales strategies, Mark’s passion for marketing shines through in everything he does.

What sets Mark apart is his genuine care for his clients and colleagues. He’s not just in it for the job; he’s always looking to build lasting relationships and make a real difference. Working with Mark is like being part of a team where everyone’s ideas are considered.

If you’re looking for a marketing expert who combines experience and skills with a friendly, collaborative approach, then Mark’s your man. He doesn’t only get the job done but also makes the journey enjoyable for everyone involved.

In short, I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. He’s not just a marketing expert; he’s a good friend and a true asset to any team lucky enough to have him onboard.

Jamie Pearson, Refined Surfaces

“Unique capacity to see simplicity in complexity”

Over the past 12 years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mark both as a colleague and as his customer, witnessing first-hand his extraordinary journey and the indelible impact he’s made. Mark is a paragon of intelligence, creativity, and ethical business practice, whose acumen in marketing is nothing short of remarkable. His profound understanding of diverse marketing methodologies, coupled with an arsenal of software and techniques, sets him apart as a leader in his field.

Mark possesses an enviable blend of a sharp business mind and an inventive spirit, nurturing ideas, methods, and processes with an ease that many aspire to but few achieve. His ethical approach to business, combined with his nurturing spirit, has not only created a culture of innovation among those who work with him but has also driven significant success.

Mark played a pivotal role in transforming a potential disaster into a golden opportunity within one of my businesses, which generated over £1.3 million in business within 36 hours. This stands out as a testament to his ingenious problem-solving abilities and his unique capacity to see simplicity in complexity.

Beyond his professional excellence, Mark’s sense of humour and engaging personality make collaborating with him both a joy and a remarkable learning experience. He challenges conventional thinking, pushing boundaries and encouraging a deeper introspection that has, on many occasions, been a catalyst for growth and innovation in my own career. His vast network and the ability to connect with the right people at the right time further exemplify his extensive influence and the respect he commands in the professional sphere.

Mark is a rare gem whose bright intellect, ethical integrity, and creative genius have not only propelled his own career but have also significantly influenced those fortunate enough to work alongside him. It’s with great enthusiasm that I endorse Mark, a visionary marketer whose contributions are not just impactful but truly transformative.

Dan Andrews

“Someone I love having in my corner”

What is there to say? Mark has been an advisor, marketing strategist, peer and advisor come mentor. A mixed relationship but one I’d not be without.

Mark is the chap you ask the questions of when you don’t know where else to go.

He has the wealth and depth of knowledge that makes his advice sincere and emphatic.

He’s been an employee and an employer / business owner.

He’s someone I love having in my corner. My inner circle.

He’s even starting to play some decent golf.

A genuinely nice bloke who once spent 9 hours with me in an emergency ward in Faro when he could have been with his family.


Ash Taylor

“Mark Creaser just ‘gets’ business”

Mark Creaser just ‘gets’ business.

He understands why people buy and how to sell to them. He knows what works well to get results for all kinds of businesses, because he understands the subtleties of selling and marketing.

A great guy to have in your corner.

Ellis Potter, Riverside Hub

“An excellent
track record”

Having worked with Mark before, I can say he’s great at advising on business strategy.

He’s got a feel for what goals should be a priority and what marketing plans should be followed up on.

Mark surrounds himself with great people and has an excellent track record improving others businesses.

Rees Keene, Overfarm

“Mark is most definitely your guy”

I was considering a change of direction and needed someone who would advise me well. What I liked most about Mark was his patience as I talked my options through and his candour. This is really a very personal recommendation but if like me you are seeking someone with patience, insightfulness, ability to see your problem or issue with clarity and actually help you to make the right decisions, then Mark is most definitely your guy. 

He has many qualities and happily works with small businesses and larger ones but on this occasion he worked with me and set me on the right path – it was not all bells and whistles and I have changed tack and very happy with the very special clients I have and extremely grateful to Mark who unlike me could see the wood for the trees!

Diana Vickers

“Always on the money”

I’ve worked with Mark for more than 10 years in a number of different ways.

Always thought provoking, always on the money. I’d highly recommend giving him a ring.

James Wilson, CEO, The Pinewoods Group of Clinics

“A simply brilliant copywriter”

I met Mark 10 years or more ago now, and he’s one of those people who makes an impact.

He has an astute and enquiring mind, and asks interesting and challenging questions. He was part of a Mastermind group I attended and his contributions were always the ones that made you take a step back and really think about what he was asking.

Added to that, he has a quirky creative brain and is a simply brilliant copywriter. Definitely someone worth engaging with.

Vanessa Lanham-Day

“Mark has had a profound impact
on me, my business and my life”

Mark has one of the sharpest marketing brains in the industry. He rapidly diagnoses whatever issue I am trying to solve, often in a matter of minutes, and then swiftly proposes solutions that have produced some incredible results. 

Mark has had a profound and positive impact on me, my business and my life. Mark is generous with his time and company. A very good guy to have in your corner.

Paul Field, WFP Fire, Security and Electrical

“An incredible character”

Mark has helped us build an audience, and then convert that audience into a customer base.

An incredible character with so much experience and success yet he still keeps coming out with unique strategies and ideas. He genuinely has this desire to take you and your businesses to the highest limits.

If you’re lucky enough to work with Mark he will be by your side throughout your journey.

Gary Dawes, Commercial Director, Concept Vehicle Leasing

“My go to marketeer”

I’ve known Mark around 10 years and he’s become a friend as well as my go to marketeer for our business.

Mark truly understands our business, the guidance, clear thinking and strategies he’s suggested have helped rocket our events business into its 9th year and enabled us to continue to serve our clients.

Stuart Barrow, Managing Director, Promoting Independence

“An asset to any business”

Mark is a true experienced marketing architect.

A natural, effective, professional individual.

An asset to any business and helps you think outside the norm.

Clayton Browne, Founder, CB Heating


I’ve worked with Mark on a number of projects and found his mindset, incisive thinking and proactive suggestions make a huge difference to whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Pete Howard, Grabbit & Run Couriers

“I’d highly recommend

I worked with Mark for over a year, he helped market my business and achieved a significant ROI.

Always available and always happy to help with strategies to increase sales.

I’d highly recommend.

Sam Boden, Fosse Group

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